Tosslet is a mobile app that informs you of local events without tracking you or collecting and selling your data. Enjoy using the product - not being one.

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What is Tosslet? (video)

Local businesses, community organizations, schools, and government agencies can sign up to throw messages to their community using the Tosslet web Dashboard. We charge a small fee per message to help prevent spam and protect your privacy by sustaining our business without selling or sharing your data. Send a message every other day for less than $10 per month! Or once a week for less than $32 a year.

This also allows privacy conscious community members to know what's going on without having to share any information or have an account with us. Although we think they can trust us, they don't have to since we don't collect their data or allow accounts on the mobile app.
(Bonus: Avoid seeing your neighbors argue in an online forum!)

Follow your favorite throwers and be notified when they toss a new message! Not interested in hearing from certain throwers? Easily hide them from view.

Get started with 3 free tosses by using the coupon code TOSSLET.